The Tour takes place throughout the whole season, take these dates down to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

10th and 11th of May 2013: La Pignade, Les Charmette, Bonne Anse Plage (Charente Maritime)

The 10th of July 2013: Les Pierres Couchées –> Le Bois Masson, Le Bois Dormant (Vendée)

The 16th of July 2013: Les Sables du Midi –> La Carabasse (Languedoc)

The 17th of July 2013: La Carabasse –> Le Lac des Rêves (Languedoc)

The 24th of July 2013: Le Montourey (Languedoc)

The 31st of July 2013 : Dugny (Val de Loire)

The 7th of August 2013: Siège social de Pessac –> La Réserve (Aquitaine)

15th and 16th of August 2013: Domaine de Litteau (Normandie) 

The 17th of August 2013: Les rives de Condrieu (Rhône Alpes)

The 7th of September 2013: Domaine de Kerlann (South Bretagne)

And it may not be over yet! Chris is still considering adding one date to the epic Tour!


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