Safety first

Here at siblu, safety is one of our biggest priorities on each and every one of our holiday villages. And even if we are organizing an event that is different from our main activity, that is not going to change!

We have put a lot of thought into the safety of participants in the Tour. Before every stage a secure route is decided on and a member of our team will deliver a security briefing to all taking part.

By the way, to all of you who wish to take part: you are more than welcome, but remember that you must wear a helmet and high vis’ (a high visibility waistcoat or better still: the official Tour tee-shirt!)

Once again : thank you to LM Solutions for providing us with these wonderful tee-shirts!

Once again : thank you to LM Solutions for providing us with these wonderful tee-shirts!

Here, we are impatiently waiting for the next stage of the Tour from Les Pierres Couchées to Les Bois. It’s Wednesday and we can’t wait! So stay connected through our Facebook page to get all the news and photos.

Siblu supports: Interview with Leslie Hurst, CEO

At first, the Tour was Chris Dunscombes’ initiative (learn more about his motivations here), but as time went on the whole company became more and more implicated in the event.

See for yourselves just how much siblu cares about the Tour through this interview that Leslie Hurst, our CEO made time for :


Leslie H“ The spirit of siblu is everywhere – even in the traditionally dry finance department. When Chris Dunscombe, one of our senior accountants, decided to give birth to the Tour de siblu in 2011, we thought it was a one time only event. But then he decided to do it all again but to travel between all our parks (and in the meantime we had added another one to the family) so the distance involved had grown.

The teams on our parks as well as at head office were joined by many of our 7000 owners who combined to support the event and increase the funds raised for the charities being supported.

We decided that if we can’t stop him getting on his bike we’d better get on ours as well and we’re still doing that as the event is becoming an annual siblu fixture.

A fantastic example of individual initiative and drive leading us all on to greater things! ”


The whole of siblu is implicated to make the event a success and to raise as much money as possible for cancer research. But at the end of the day, it’s your generosity that makes the difference. So please help us. Thank you.

Donation progress so far: end of June

Just so everyone stays informed of our progress towards our whoping 20 000€ objective, we have decided to give you a monthly recap.    couleur

And this month, with just one stage completed (in Charentes), and 12 siblu villages left to go we are already at… – wait for it  …:

If all our stages go this well, we are well on track to being 20 000€ closer to beating cancer. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the three siblu villages for their warm welcome back in May, and most especially to say a huge thank you for all the generous donations we received.

Please, please, please keep it up and help us raise money to beat cancer.