Litteau gets daring for Tour de siblu

Last week the Tour de siblu was in Normandie.

And despite the rainy reputation the region has, everything came together to make this stage a success – EVEN the weather!
But what we will remember most is the great involvement of the whole team – be it during the fundraising events or the making of the Litteau Calendar. Members of the whole team took their kit off to reenact Calendar Girls (and boys!), in aid of cancer research.

Litteau Calendar Girls (and boys!) 2014

They’re in limited number but you can still snatch a copy against a donation of 10€ minimum. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested (and you’d be wrong not to be!).

Here is an article published in Ouest France for the occasion.

And here are the non-naked photos of the events that took place all week to raise funds for cancer research. Congratulations to the teams for such a great outcome: 2000€ donated to La Ligue contre le cancer, and more still to come thanks to the sales of the infamous calendar. Thank you again and congratulations !

The epic Pessac – La Réserve stage

The longest stage of the Tour de siblu took place on the 7th of August. On that day 23 brave cyclists pedaled the 120km that link the head offices in Pessac to La Réserve. Amongst them was Chris Dunscombe of course, accompanied by his 14 year old son, Karim Belahmadi, the General Manager of La Réserve and Leslie Hurst, our CEO. (Read his interview here).

We must admit we were quite unlucky on the day: the van that was meant to carry the bikes got a flat tire, it poured with rain all day, and we even had a few falls. But everyone kept high spirits nevertheless and the day was a real success.
Indeed, even before the start of the day Karim had already raised over 1000€ in sponsorship.
And with the events organized by the La Réserve team (a charity fair, a pool party, a tombola…) and the cake stall that the Pessac team baked for, the final result amounted to 3500€ for that stage.

And the day finished on a very positive note when the cyclists rode in, greeted by the Dr Arnal, president of the Landes regional comitee of La Ligue contre le cancer. The campsite’s restaurant, l’Oustaou, had prepared a giant paëlla for the occasion.

Many thanks and especially : congratulations to all the participants of this stage of the Tour.



Dugny is fighting cancer

On the 31st of July, the Tour de siblu was at Domaine de Dugny in Val de Loire.

In order to get the maximum number of people taking part, to help promote a healthy life style, we cycled a distance that most could achieve. The enjoyable 15km bike ride was a scenic route around Domaine de Dugny’s picturesque setting. Here is a photo of the riders taken from a belvédère that oversees the Château de Chaumont.

After the morning’s bike ride, many animations such as a car-wash, a charity fair, auctions and cake stalls took place in order to raise as much funds as possible for cancer research. And it was a great success! The teams at Dugny raised 1000€ to battle cancer.

Thank you very much to the teams for your energy and most especially congratulations for such a great result!

The stages in the South: Les Sables du Midi, La Carabasse, Le Lac des Rêves, Le Montourey.

On the 16th of July we rode from Les Sables to La Carabasse, and on the next day we went from La Carabasse to Le Lac des Rêves. And then on the 24th, the Tour went to Montourey.

What with the sunny weather and the warm welcome, these stages of the Tour really breathed southern atmosphere.

And the teams really commited to the cause: special mention to Rick or to Rick’s chest hairs maybe. Against 100€ of donations, Rick accepted to have his chest waxed on stage. Also, the three animateurs from La Carabasse Pierre, Kevin and Jack managed to raise 250€ in sponsorship alone.

Congratulations to you all and once more: thank you!


From Pierres Couchées to Les Bois

The first “word” that springs to mind when we think back to this epic stage is : wow!

Be it the performance of our 28 cyclists (please note that the “amateur” groupe had to wait fot the “professionals” for about an hour at the finish line !), the crazy animations that lasted four days, the awesome weather or the final result  that was well-deserved but still very impressive, everything came together to make this stage truly memorable.


Congratulations to the teams on both parks that raised a whopping 4100€ for cancer research.