Interview with Chris : motivations

Pedaling all around France in the heat of summer didn’t strike us as something one would just do to kill time. So we interviewed Chris to learn a bit more about what is pushing him on, as he completes the various stages of the Tour. And what we got is a touching story that shows just how important cancer research really is.

We asked Chris where his motivation stemmed from, and here is what he answered :

“ In 2009, I rode from London to Paris for charity, with a very close friend. Later on, in 2011, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

ChrisThanks to cancer research, she was able to benefit from cutting edge laser surgery. And that’s the reason she is still alive today. Organisations such as Cancer Research UK and la Ligue contre le Cancer really change sufferers’ lives, most especially by allowing them to enjoy life for as long as possible. And that changes their relatives’ lives too.

Both my personal experience, and that of friends and colleagues led me to understand that cancer is everywhere. Everyone is affected, either directly or indirectly.

After my London to Paris charity ride, siblu colleagues challenged me to do a sponsored Tour de France. That’s when, as if self-evident, the idea of a “Tour de siblu” in aid of cancer research came to my mind. And the response was just enormous. So as long as I have air to breathe, I will continue to do it! ”

The work carried out by organisations such as Cancer Research UK and La Ligue contre le Cancer really makes a difference to the lives of a growing number of people. Let’s do our best to support them.

See for yourself how much siblu supports Chris and the Tour here.

We will be posting a more detailed article about these organisations  very soon, so make sure to stay connected (you can do that by liking our Facebook page).

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