Cancer research UK

Our aim this year is to raise 20 000€ for cancer research in France and the UK. But let’s look a little closer at where the money from your generosity will be going.

Cancer research has been going since 1902 and has been responsible for many major breakthroughs in cancer research and medication. Indead, cancer research UK funds half of  cancer research in the UK.

Cancer research UK

But research isn’t all Cancer research UK does. They also have a whole team of doctors and nurses to support and help sufferers through their disease. And they also do a lot for prevention, and were instrumental in leading the way to national screening programs which save thousands of lives each year.

And they do this without any governments funding, because they are a charity. They rely solely on the generosity of their supporters, and with 89% of donations being of £10 or less, they need to inspire millions of people to donate each year. That’s why we’re helping them out. Please do too.

Cancer research UK’s ambition is to bring forward the day where all cancers can be cured. And there is real hope. Idead, in the words of Cancer research UK’s CEO : ““We’re living in a golden age for cancer research. Our understanding of the disease is increasing at a faster pace than ever before, and more people are surviving thanks to the work we do. However, our scientific ambitions are being limited by our ability to fundraise at the level we are striving for.” So please help.

Thank you.

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