UVA, UVB, SPF, what?

Have you ever wondered what the little number on your sun cream bottle referred to?

After explaining how important it is to protect yourself from the sun in our last post, here is another one to understand a bit better how sun cream works.

Most of us more or less second-guess which sun cream lotion we should use, but in fact there is a logic to SPFs (sun protection factors), and we should really be choosing our cream based on our age, the type of exposure our skin will be undergoing and our skin type. Stay tuned through our Facebook page because an article about recognizing phototypes (level of sensivity of skin to the sun) is coming up really soon!

The mystery of SPFs

So : if your age, skin type, and the conditions you are in would allow you to stay exposed to the sun for 10 minutes without getting sunburned without cream; then an SPF 15 sun cream would allow you to stay exposed for 150 minutes without burning AS LONG AS YOU REAPPLY REGULARLY.
However, health authorities agree in advising to use cream with an SPF 30 or more. Do also try to pick out cream that offers UVA as well as UVB protection.

Application tips

If you think that layering an SPF 10 cream over an SPF 15 will offer you SPF 25 protection, think again! Layering does not increase protection, though it does at least ensure that all parts are covered.
On your face, you should apply a quantity of cream equivalent to an almond. Whereas on your body, you should rub on the equivalent of a shot glass of suncream.  But remember : that means “bottoms up” every hour! Indeed, be it on your face or body, the key is to reapply regularly. Most especially if you swim, sweat or that your skin is rubbing against clothes or a towel.

Finally, if your cream doesn’t indicate any expiration date, the average suncream lasts 3 years. Beyond that period, it is less effective. So think of renewing your solar products every now and then. It’s a small investment that’s well worth it.

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