What skin type am I?

There’s no denying that we are not all equal with regards to the sun. But at least, if we know what skin type (level of sensitivity of skin to the sun) we are, then we know how to protect our skin.

Experts identify six different skin types based on hair and eye colour, skin tone, freckles and what happens to your skin in strong sun. Fair skin needs more protection because it is more vulnerable to the sun, and therefore more prone to skin cancer.

Read the following list then refer to the chart at the end to know what SPF protection you should be using.

Type I :

  • very white or milky skin,
  • blond or red hair,
  • green, blue or light brown eyes,
  • many freckles,
  • often gets sunburn
  • doesn’t tan

Type II :

  • very fair skin,
  • blond to brown hair,
  • light coloured eyes,
  • many freckles,
  • often gets sunburn,
  • doesn’t tan easily,
  • can get a light tan.

Type III :

  • light to medium skin,
  • blond to brown hair,
  • brown eyes,
  • some freckles appear after exposure to the sun,
  • sometimes gets sunburn,
  • tans progressively (medium tan).

Type IV :

  • Rather dark skin,
  • brown to black hair,
  • dark coloured eyes,
  • no freckles,
  • rarely gets sunburn,
  • always tans (dark tan).

Type V :

  • Dark to black-brown skin,
  • black hair,
  • dark eyes,
  • no freckles,
  • rarely gets sunburn,
  • always tans (very dark tan).

Type VI :

  • black-brown skin,
  • black hair,
  • black eyes,
  • no freckles,
  • never gets sunburn.

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