Dugny is fighting cancer

On the 31st of July, the Tour de siblu was at Domaine de Dugny in Val de Loire.

In order to get the maximum number of people taking part, to help promote a healthy life style, we cycled a distance that most could achieve. The enjoyable 15km bike ride was a scenic route around Domaine de Dugny’s picturesque setting. Here is a photo of the riders taken from a belvédère that oversees the Château de Chaumont.

After the morning’s bike ride, many animations such as a car-wash, a charity fair, auctions and cake stalls took place in order to raise as much funds as possible for cancer research. And it was a great success! The teams at Dugny raised 1000€ to battle cancer.

Thank you very much to the teams for your energy and most especially congratulations for such a great result!

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