Why we’re doing this

The siblu Tour is just like a mini Tour de France, from one siblu holiday village to the next. The aim is to raise as much money as possible for Cancer research in France and the UK. This project comes from the remarkable personal initiative of the financial controller of the group, Chris Dunscombe. And over the years, the whole company has become implicated.

A few words from Chris Dunscombe, founder of the Tour

“ In 2009, I rode from London to Paris for charity, with a very close friend. Later on, in 2011, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Thanks to cancer research, she was able to benefit from cutting edge laser surgery. And that’s the reason she is still alive today. Organisations such as Cancer Research UK and la Ligue contre le Cancer really change sufferers’ lives, most especially by allowing them to enjoy life for as long as possible. And that changes their relatives’ lives too.

Both my personal experience, and that of friends and colleagues led me to understand that cancer is everywhere. Everyone is affected, either directly or indirectly.

After my London to Paris charity ride, siblu colleagues challenged me to do a sponsored Tour de France. That’s when, as if self-evident, the idea of a “Tour de siblu” in aid of cancer research came to my mind. And the response was just enormous. So as long as I am fit and able, I will continue to do it! ”


… And everyone at siblu (where Chris has been working for over 4 years) supports him and takes the project to heart.

A few words from Leslie Hurst, Siblu’s CEO.

“ The spirit of siblu is everywhere – even in the traditionally dry finance department. When Chris Dunscombe, one of our senior accountants, decided to give birth to the Tour de siblu, we thought it was a one time only event. But then he decided to do it all again.

We decided that if we can’t stop him getting on his bike we’d better get on ours as well and we’re still doing that as the event is becoming an annual siblu fixture.

A fantastic example of individual initiative and drive leading us all on to greater things! ”


Though the Tour was originally a personal initiative, it has truly become a corporate charity event, and every year the project is more successful. This year we are aiming to raise    20 000€ to help beat cancer. Please help us.


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